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Video of Cat and New Kitten Slowly 'Falling in Love' Is Beyond Precious

Bringing home a second pet can be such an exciting experience, but that doesn't mean it won't come with challenges. Even the most seasoned animal owners will find obstacles, and that's totally OK. Take @louie_and_fresno's story, for example!

These two feline brothers are the best of buds now, but it wasn't exactly smooth sailing when the younger bro came home. Louie the tabby cat was used to being an only pet, and Fresno wasn't so sure about this big new friend! It took some time, some patience, and some adorable interactions, but now these two cats are inseparable. Wanna see how it happened?

Aww! We just love Louie and Fresno's story! These guys are the definition of 'brotherly love,' and TikTok is positively living for it. Check out the comments! 

"Its always so magical when they start to snuggle together 🥰," wrote @kevinbostwick. Right? Not only is it precious AF, but it's an amazing sign of progress on both of their ends! Louie and Fresno's owner deserves a major pat on the back for helping these two stay so comfortable. Just like @rainshadows1 said, "Cats do socialize nicely. But it takes a good human to facilitate it 🥰."

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Well, this good human was kind enough to offer her advice on introducing cats to one another! When @shiela_33 shared, "I’m hoping I have a similar outcome. Picking up 3mth old kitty Sat to b a bud for my 4yr old cat 🥰," @louie_and_fresno replied, "That’s so exciting!!! We kept them in separate rooms for a while before introducing them. It was tough but so worth it!! Wishing you all the best 🥰." 

Gradual introductions are definitely recommended when bringing a new cat home, and this cat owner did an amazing job. High-fives all around!

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