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Video of 19-Year-Old Cat Enjoying the Sunshine One Last Time Is Breaking Hearts

As upsetting as it is, there always comes a time when we must let our furry friends cross the rainbow road. And if you know you're pet is nearing that time, you want to do as much as you can to make them feel comfortable. You shower them with love and, of course, treats. For this one 19-year-old cat who is nearing the end of the road, one of his special treats was that he got to experience the sunshine one last time. 

This poor cat, known on TikTok as @oldkuschel, unfortunately, has a tumor tightening around his intestines. So his owner decided it was time for him to enjoy the outdoors as his days are coming to an end. She carried him downstairs and put him in the grass, which you can tell he was so appreciative of based on his reaction. It's a very bittersweet moment indeed so prepare yourself. But also try and remember that this cat has lived a beautiful life. 

Aww, he didn't want to get up! He was soaking up all the sunshine. We feel so bad for this cat, but it's also nice to know that he lived such a long life. TikTok user @pinkemily pointed out, "19 is about 90 in human years so just know they had wonderfully long and full life bc of you." This is so true! The fact that his owner even took him outside one last time goes to show she cared for him with her whole heart. 

"Nothing makes me sadder than pets going through their final days," wrote @smolpupl. Ugh, right? It's a day none of us ever want to go through. That's why it's so important now to give your pets the best possible life you can. 

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"Beautiful memories you'll have together🧡," said @racharchh. She'll cherish these last moments for the rest of her life. @agentmothmen added, "At least, no matter what happens, you will always remember the old times ✨." She'll have pictures and videos to remind herself of her sweet boy. And until he passes over the rainbow bridge, we hope he gets showered with more experiences and love. 

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