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Cat's Majestic Leap From the Couch to the Sink Has People Seriously Impressed

A TikTok video of a Persian Cat has quickly reached viral heights after only being posted within the last day. This hilarious and impressive clip from @maddiemoscrip has over 1.5 million views and 256.2K likes. We can't help but love this fluff-ball of a cat showing us to aim high and follow your dreams! 

Rupert the cat was so adamant about getting to the dripping kitchen sink faucet that no jump was going to be too hard for him. Talk about dreaming big! He took a leap of faith from the couch to the kitchen counter. This video is both impressive and hilarious since we don't think Rupert intended for that outcome, but he never gave up! (P.S. no cats were harmed in the making of this video!)

Everyone is rushing to the comments calling this cat a floof and a potato! OMG. A potato?! We can see it! "This chaotic video of a floof potato is sending me 😂😂," said @RH. "A potato flew around 🎵🎶," wrote @Mina Rahman. "That floof can fly!!!" said another user. He really took a giant leap to get to the dripping faucet. It was a bit of a close call, but he made it! And even though it didn't look as smooth as he probably intended, he looked cool in our books! 

One commenter, @cyaneaa added, "He needs grippy socks." Now, that is something we would pay to see! (Or maybe not because his slippy sliding makes this video so much better.) But to keep him safe for future jumps, user @E suggests, "Trim the hair in between his paw pads! It helps give them more traction." That's a great tip for all the adventurous cats out there! 

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The creator made sure to update us on Rupert. She said he's fine, just embarrassed 🙃. Haha. Nothing to be embarrassed about, he did better than we expected! 

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