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TikTokers Found the Next 'Cathoven' in Hilarious Clip and We Can't Stop Watching

Beethoven is one of the most famous musical composers of all time, but with social media showing off new talent rapidly, we have a feeling the king himself might be dethroned. Actually, we can only think of one possible musician that would be after Beethoven's legacy. The only reason this musician could be better than Beethoven is that he has four hands...oh sorry we mean paws! 

TikTok user @miizaaxx posted a video that shows off an orange cat who is quite magical on the keys. People are even calling him Cathoven. LOL! Alright, so maybe the cat didn't mean to create a masterpiece. He was just trying to get off the piano and his jump off onto the keys scared him. Whether it was an accident or not, you'll hear that this cat clearly has some natural talent! 

Ha! See, didn't we say he was amazing?! There's a reason why this cat is getting the nickname he rightfully deserves! @its.00whitehairboy wrote, "DESPAIR - Cathoven." What a perfect name for the song! It has so much meaning behind it, especially since that's what he was feeling while playing. LOL! 

"Accidentally created a masterpiece," said @Carolina_Dias. And we're so thankful for this accident! @sallynomoney added, "Best musician in the world omg😳." Uh oh! We knew he would be up there for Beethoven's crown, but we never expected it to be this fast! 

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Lol, okay so maybe the sound in that clip wasn't really from Cathoven. The TikTok user posted the original video without the song playing over it. And you have to admit, the original is still better than we could do! 

"Is it me or does this actually sound good?🧐," asked @_.charlie_kinnie._. Definitely not just you! We need to hear more original songs from Cathoeven, please! 

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