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Video of Cat Bobbing His Head While Listening to Jazz Is a Whole Vibe

There’s been no shortage of evidence that dogs are music lovers, but cats also have an appreciation for good tunes, too. In fact, one cat is such a music lover that a video of him bopping along to some jazz has received hundreds of thousands of likes on the internet. Hmm, we guess it’s because this cat has such good taste!

Pachu was definitely feeling the good vibes during a recent listening session at home. As the video from @aleveganstraighte shows, the black cat was having the time of his life listening to some Jazz. Pachu loved the song so much that he can even be seen grooving along to the beat. “El gato Jazzero,” his owner wrote in the caption, or in other words “the jazz cat.” Seems appropriate! Check out this kitty's cool vibe!

Love it! With over 400,000 views, it’s safe to say we weren’t the only ones impressed with Pachu’s dance moves. “That cat is swingin’,” @beansgodfather wrote. “Give him a glass of wine to vibe with,” @ayitskyra begged. “I wish there was an entire 100 hours of this. Literally calms me down,” @yoshistoner69 commented. “Oh so this is the cat jazz players always talk about!” @w0rryw0rt joked. LOL! Too cute.

Later in the thread, @aleveganstraighte shared that his cat was actually listening to “Miles Ahead” by Miles Davis. Although if we had to bet, Pachu probably didn’t pick it out himself. We can see why people went crazy over this video. “Vibes vibes vibes vibes vibes,” @studiotheophania wrote. Yep, it's a real trip!