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Cat's Loving Reaction to Her Favorite Little Girl Waking Up Is Way Too Sweet

Was anyone else the first one awake at a sleepover as a kid? If you were, you know the pain of having to wait and wait until someone else got up. It would seem like hours. But when they finally did wake up, you were the happiest person ever because that meant it was time to hang with your besties again. It would make the waiting well worth it. 

As it turns out, animals are like those kids who are the first ones awake at a sleepover. They wait around for their owners and favorite humans to get up. And once we do, they're the happiest little critters. Don't believe us? Just watch this clip from TikTok user @phoenix_chrisje that shows the cat's reaction to her favorite human getting up in the morning. The video already has over 1.1 million views and once you watch, you'll understand why. It's the sweetest thing ever!    

Aww! The cat knew exactly where his favorite human was going to be coming in. She apparently waits there every morning too. Ugh, our hearts can't handle the cuteness! "Awww kitty just knows that is her human & big sister," wrote @zach_shadowalker. Yes! You can see it in the cuddles too!

"Imagine waking up to this! I would never be grumpy in the morning again," said @Anouk Van de Voort. Right?! The cat gave such a sweet hug and was gentle with her. Why can't our pets be gentle when waking us up?! LOL! @Viktor_amongst_the_dead added, "How could you start your day in a bad mood with this 😁." You can't! There's no way you could be in a bad mood from cat snuggles!

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@diana19941994 commented, "I can understand why she loves her. She is very gentle with her not like the usual kids." They're both so gentle with each other. It's clearly a sign of true love! The creator even responded by saying, "She really is a little cat whisperer. 2 of our rescued cats are quite scared and shy. But they all trust her. And cuddle with her." Aww! We can't wait to see more of this little girl and her cat besties! 

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