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Woman Wakes Up and Is Shocked to Find Cat in the Most Bizarre Hiding Spot

No matter how long you've owned a cat, they're always going to do something that'll surprise you. Like one woman on TikTok, who was dumbfounded when she woke up and found her pet in the lizard cage. What in the world?! Don't worry, the cat mama has an explanation for everything. 

The footage was shared by @galardiggins, who caught her Sheila right where she didn't belong. "Ma'am, are you supposed to be there?" she can be heard asking off-camera. "That is for the lizard," she continued. Sheila's face is priceless, even as she's getting chided by her mom.

People in the comments section were cracking up. "Well yes mother, cus I am the lizard," @badgene joked. "That’s clearly a lizard lol," @moonchild8994 teased. "She said look ma’am it’s cold and I’m seeking heat thank you," @karriegregory5  kidded. "'Are you supposed to be in there??' *Shakes head no,*'" @originthehero quipped.

Later in the thread, the cat mama shared why she thinks her cat ended up in the lizard cage. "I woke up this morning and it was 62 degrees in our house because I didn’t realize how cold it was going to get last night," she wrote in the caption. "But that’s no excuse for her to be in the lizard’s enclosure. She’s lucky she’s so cute. And yes, I turned the furnace back on so her pansy a— wasn’t cold anymore…." she joked.

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Well that's a relief!

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