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Cat's Extremely Long Meow Is Totally Impossible to Resist

Although they can't really talk to us, our pets definitely have opinions about things. And they all let you know it in their own special way. We guess you could call one cat on TikTok a big talker, after seeing video compilation of their crazy-long meows their owner put together and shared online. 

Bean, of @beautynthebean, is very expressive. And the number one way the kitty lets their owner know their feelings is with their many (and varied) meows. Their owner titled the recent video "Bean's Longest Meows," and yep, some of these are super long. Some of Bean's hits are the "endless meow," the "ghost meow," and of course,  the "spoiled meow." But there's even more meows below. Take a look! 

"Is this normal?" their owner joked in the caption. 

Thankfully for Bean, his video had over a million viewers who were willing to hear him out. 

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"Ghost meow is my favorite! So Spooky," @thelistener10 wrote in the comments section. While @missjordo had the opposite opinion: "I’ll be honest… the ghost one is gold but that broken meow," she wrote. "Nothing can stop the ghost meow from being the best sound in the world. I think about it often," @stantheodore joked. "My cat whipped her head around as if she heard the most shocking gossip," @pemberleycoast added. 

We guess the ghost meow was the most popular. But if you want even more Bean (and his meows) then check out this video of his "gurgliest" meows that his owner later shared. 

"How does he even do that?" the caption wonders. We guess it's just Bean's super special talent.

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