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Cat Searches for a 'Dog Friend' in His Apartment Building and We Can't Take the Cuteness

Normally, you'd expect that a pet cat wouldn't welcome any other animal into the house. But TikTok kitty @sirfurrr is not like other cats. In fact, this fluff ball really can't wait to bring in another furry friend.

This orange cat named Sir Fur was recently on the prowl to bring home a new friend. He escaped his apartment and was wandering the hallways. And who this cat was looking for is beyond adorable. Check it out! 

O.M.G. This owner needs to get Sir Fur a pet dog and she needs to do it NOW! We can't stand the thought of this fur baby not having a friend by his side. He needs one! Perhaps she can do what @jenniferboisjoli suggested. The comment reads, "Maybe you can make some type of viewing station at the door. Idk how to put a spot he can keep watch. Like a little window." We LOVE that idea!

"When the time comes, and he has a dog friend, we all need to see it. Signed, all of us," wrote @dwalkeruk. This is 100% true and we couldn't have said it better ourselves. "Just give that cutie his freaking dog friend," added @amaliasradi. It's really not too much to ask for!

And aside from getting this cat a dog friend, we need to acknowledge his name. LOL! "I think 'Sir Fur' might be the best cat name ever! Like EVER!😻😻😻😻," said @amjames7. Paws down the bestest name in all the land. 


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