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Cat's Cute Way of Asking Mom to Turn on the Heating Pad Is Too Sweet

Cat owners will do anything for their babies. We buy them cat beds and blankies and little caves they can crawl into and some of us even turn on our electric fireplaces for our cats to sleep in front of.  With the weather turning cold there is noting like being all safe and warm and cozy inside, and this cat who has its very own heating pad is total next-level cozy. 

Watch this adorable guy complain to his mama that he needs the heating pad turned on! This video that @EllawatchTV has posted is just too much. This talky baby wants her heating pad turned on right meow!

Awwww! He's so happy and warm! This is not the only precious fur baby with their own heating pad, because @EllawatchesTV explains, "I keep it only on the warm setting and it used to be mine but now she has claimed it." @Oct1912 adds, "Mine has a pet one that only activates when her body weight is on it. She’s obsessed!" Now that sounds like a great invention. @Monolithis sums up this whole situation perfectly by adding ,"Heating pad AND TV? This cat is LIVING."

Yup, you can't get any better than that. Now, were did we put our heating pad?

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