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Cat's Human-Like Reaction to New Baby Tugs at the Heartstrings

Having a baby isn't just a big step for you and your partner — you're also changing your pet's whole world too. You're basically making your animal a big brother or a big sister and we all know that that transition can be tricky. Thankfully, one couple doesn't have to worry about this with their cat Junior and their new baby girl June. The two get along a house on fire, and a video on TikTok proves it. 

As the footage on @pineapplejess22 shows, introducing Junior to the new member of the family went positively swimmingly. "The day we brought June home from the hospital," the TikTok creator explained in the video's text overlay. "Junior was in love from the start." The sweet footage shows June in her mama's arms, but people can't get over Junior's incredible reaction to his new human sister. 

Awwwww, now that's a good big brother. Over 1.4 million people have watched the video and were also moved. "The look of ... 'Mom, you made dis ... and I love it,'" @livin_life_lombardi joked in the comments section. "He’s looking like mama that’s ours," @munchkins5794 added. "He looked up at you like 'our baby is beautiful,' already claimed her," @kwaniki commented. "He looked at you as if he was saying 'you’ve done well' nothing but love and contentment in his eyes," @kartermaree agreed. 

Although another person had the opposite experience. "My grey cat would be standing in the corner offended. This is too cute," @amiyahthedon shared. 

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The footage of June and Junior was so popular that the mom even shared a second video. 

Absolute sibling bliss.

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