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Cat's Overjoyed Reaction to the Simplest Gift Is So Pure

So, raise your hand if you spend far too much money on cat toys. Okay, so that's basically all of us. Cats need toys for exercise, to stimulate them mentally, to keep them from getting bored, and hence, destructive. If your cat is chewing on a felt mouse chances are they won't chew on your sofa. Something else to consider is that you don't actually need to spend any money to amuse your cat. 

That's why we adore this sweet video that TikTok user @EveeandYoshi posted of her gorgeous cat's reaction when she brought them a simple leaf. Just watch this video and see how happy this cat is! 

So many cats have limited access to the outdoors (Mainly for their own safety!) that bringing some nature to them can have thrilling results. @Danny posts, "You went out and remembered to get a leaf for your cat friend. Loving the friendship." Awww, now that's a great cat owner! @Winter, who has a cat named Winter, posts, "I should try bringing a leaf for Winter!" @Eiva adds, "She’s the happiest cat with her leaf." 

Now, it's important to double check your variety of leaf gift isn't poisonous to your cat, but if you're unsure you could always bring them a stone in a size that isn't swallow-able. Or, even a stick to investigate. Cats are instinctually curious so it just makes sense to indulge that. Then you can use the money you saved on a toy buying them some edible treats! 

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