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Cat Who Can’t Stop Waving at People Is Capturing Everyone’s Hearts

If you've adopted an animal, there was definitely a moment when you just knew which one was for you. Maybe it was a sweet personality, maybe they looked like they needed a home, or maybe you were like a woman named Lindsey, who knew right away that her Tuxedo cat was the one by his adorable quirk.

The mom, who goes by Cat Lady Lindsey or @lindseyjoanna online, remembered the magical moment in a video that now has over three million views. "Are you sure you want him? He won't stop waving at people," Lindsey mouthed in the footage, pretending to be someone from the shelter. "Yeah, I'm sure," she continued, playing herself. She then cuts to footage of her cat Felix. And his little wave is too precious for words. "Felix was such a little kitten here!" she wrote in the caption. 

Now, we don't understand why you wouldn't want a kitten who waves at people and neither could the comments section. "That’s a problem how????" @fifiandbogart wondered. "He's just social and polite," @lauras9436 added. "I would have said give him to me now. Precious soul," @timijunier chimed in. "Who wouldn't want to adopt a kitty that waves? Cuteness overload!" @ljmartin615 agreed. 

"Does he still wave?" another commenter asked. To which Lindsey answered with a second video, showing a much older Felix doing his thing in the mirror. "He kind of still waves," she wrote. 

Lindsey definitely went for a cat with a huge personality. Who says that cats aren't nice?