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Cat Hilariously 'Loves to Get Vacuumed' and People Are Having a Field Day

Cats and vacuums just don't add up--unless you're Fat Leo, that is. This chonky gray cat, whose name is more than fitting, actually comes running to the vacuum when his owner turns it on, and now there's a video to prove it. In the giggle-inducing clip, Leo lies back for a "massage" from the vacuum extension, even making sure to get the other side rubbed just right. If that sounds adorable to you, just wait until you see him!

Leo's silly endeavors were shared by his dad, Tony, on his TikTok account. Appropriately, Tony named his profile after his four-legged bestie--@fatleo.123--and we absolutely can't get enough. This is one spoiled kitty!

See? We totally weren't kidding when we said this cat loves to get vacuumed. He's having the time of his life! The stretches and rolling around are just so hard to resist--we'd probably spend at least an hour giving this guy a vacuum massage if we could. And so would his other fans!

"I wish mine would let me do this hahaha," wrote @the_rodrik. Right? It would make shedding so much easier to deal with, and if it keeps your cat occupied, it's a win-win!

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We're on the same page as commenter @jayne_lily, who said that Leo is the "😂 first cat I've ever seen that likes a vacuum cleaner!" Clearly, Leo is no ordinary cat. Just look at the chonk and the confidence on him! 

Just like @oliviafalcone19 pointed out, "the flop over 😂" made Leo's vacuum routine about a hundred times cuter. He obviously loves getting a massage from this household tool, and who are we to stop him? Especially if it makes for such cute videos! 

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