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Cats' Sneaky Way of Getting Away With 'Being Bad' Works Like a Charm

We may think we have our furry friends wrapped around our fingers, but sometimes we get the feeling it's truly the other way around. With all that cuteness in such a tiny body, there are a lot of ways they can use it to their advantage. Adorable tabby cat @jvstsimba gave us the perfect example of this in his recent video, and we're entirely obsessed. 

If we weren't already aware of our pets' ability to manipulate us with their cuteness, we're convinced of it now. And Simba is the perfect model for it, too! 

LOL! We love the way Simba's owner worded this 'cat fact.' It's both funny and true! As if we needed any demonstration, Simba is just the cutest as he rolls over and bats his eyes. We're in love!

Commenter @d3vils_lettuc3 had us LOL-ing when they wrote,"[I] be telling my cat stop being cute i’m MAD and then they start being cuter." If that isn't the gosh darn truth! All this time, they knew what they were doing, and--as @moosewms wrote, "it works every time." Still, we're not mad!

In fact, we're on the same page as cat owner @thesoullesswonder. They admitted that "I fall victim to it all the time," and we'd be lying if we didn't say the same. Our fur babies can practically get whatever they want! What can we say? That's the price of having a best friend who's just that cute.

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