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Cat Makes the Bed Like a Human After Scolding Kitten Who Messed It Up

LOL. Apparently, some cats are very particular about household chores getting done. And in a video that was shared on Reddit, one cat got very upset when a kitten had the audacity to mess up the bed and pull the sheets off. 

The clip has over 200 comments, and in it, you'll see the mama cat finding the kitten rolling around under the sheets. She promptly jumps onto the bed, scolds the kitten for misbehaving, and then proceeds to try and re-make the bed herself. No joke.

The way she stood there trying to tuck the sheets back in! I mean! Can this cat come to our houses and tidy things up a bit?

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Reddit commenters are having a field day with this one, and it's easy to understand why, given how funny the video is. @ApiqAcani had an idea of what the cat was thinking, saying, "Gerald it's the 5th time I said not to ruin the bed! I just made the bed a minute ago!"

And @SandyClaus30 added, "I am beyond impressed with this cat." (We all are!) @idrow1 added, "That's pretty incredible, I've never seen anything like that before. Usually, if there's a second cat witnessing destruction, they just offer moral support."

Then there was @Tannyar who proclaimed, "I would pay so much money for that cat." Wouldn't we all? Who couldn't use such prompt and attentive service?

Seriously, though, the best part of this video might not even be the cat making the bed, but her getting all bent out of shape over the kitten's antics. I guess it really doesn't matter what species you are. When kids get out of line, you have to give them a good talking to!

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