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Cat's Reaction to Trying 'McDonald's Chicken Nuggets' Is Nothing Short of Precious

There's nothing like a stop to McDonald's during a long car trip. A classic McDouble and a side of fries can really break up the time. But we never expected that our furry friends would be such a fan of the fast food chain. Just like we realized one cat on TikTok was, after video of them chowing down on some chicken nuggets went viral online.

Theo (@theohollenbeck), aka "the sassy tabby," must have a well-known love of Mickey D's because his owners knew to get him a treat during their trip. "We have to stop at McDonald's now every road trip," the text overlay reads, before they added a crying-laughing emoji. The look on Theo's face says it all. 

Yep, he's definitely a fan. "Theo has requested a lifetime supply of chicken nuggs plz," his owner's wrote in the caption, after tagging the fast food chain. Fingers crossed they get their wish!

Commenters thought that Milo's love of McDonald's was just too precious. "Awwwwww, that’s adorable just like my kids," @vrose8181 wrote. "Aww my buddy loves chicken nuggets," @susettefrantz gushed. "Living their best life," @jessicaniven9295 agreed. 

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While other people shared that their cats were fans of McDonald's too. "My cat Mila loves the chicken nuggets too," @kitty_22_kitty shared. "Ours is obsessed with the burgers, he only gets a few bites of a plain burger patty from McDonald's," @justme198201 chimed in. "Mine only like the fries," @pangiepoo wrote. "Mine goes nuts over the ham in an egg McMuffin," @lauren6131 added 

Apparently, we need to make an emergency trip to McDonald's. ASAP.

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