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Video of Cat 'Meeting Her Boyfriend for the First Time' Is Not What We Expected

They say when you find your soul mate, you just know. But honestly, that's not the case for everyone. You might've met your soul mate years ago and don't reconnect until later in life. Or maybe it takes a few months into your relationship for you to know. Others say you might know your soul mate from love at first sight. But again, that doesn't always happen. It's different for everyone! And we know for a fact that didn't happen for this cat. LOL! 

One TikTok cat mom wanted to introduce her tabby cat to another cat with the hopes that they will start dating. She posted a video of the introduction to the TikTok account @nanoosontheloose, although it looked more like an arrangement in our eyes. LOL! They slowly start bringing the cats together and what happens next was not what we were expecting. Basically you can throw any idea of love at first sight out the window! 

Oh boy! She was not excited about meeting her boyfriend at all. That's because she's an independent cat and she doesn't need a man! And she made that known. LOL! At least she's not the only one who has this type of reaction when meeting a partner. 

"That's the same reaction I had meeting my boyfriend for the first time lmao," said HA! See? Love at first sight isn't for everyone! Things can still work out for these two later down the line. @ohcait added, "To be fair, this is how I greet my husband in the morning." LOL! Guess it can still happen into marriage. 

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Another TikToker, @user760113426764, wrote, "Queen tabby don't like sharing her castle😂😂." Ain't that the truth! She's been fine all her life without a boyfriend, so why does she need one now?! Especially if she has to start sharing all of her toys. Maybe a second date will go a little more smoothly! 

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