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Cat's Gentle Reaction to Meeting Newborn Baby Sister Is As Sweet As It Gets

Video of a newborn meeting her fur-sister is exactly what we needed to see today — and we know we aren't the only ones who feel that way. The adorable footage was shared by TikTok creator @kuzcopluscleo, who was clearly melting after seeing her baby girl and Kuzco interact for the very first time. So sweet! 

The new mama had her camera out and ready during the once in a lifetime meeting. "Put this sound over a memory you didn't realize was so special until you looked back at the video," she wrote in the video's text overlay. "Fur sister meeting human sister for the first time," it continues. The footage shows the baby girl being lowered to the cat — and her reaction is just so gentle and sweet. 

"I will never get over it…" the caption states. 

She wasn't the only one! With over 485,000 views, people in the comments section seemed just as obsessed. "Angel kitty loves her new baby.." @letsdothisalready wrote. "Awww thank you for introducing your baby to your kitty properly. So sweet," @jvinci03 added. "My cat was obsessed with my little girl. none of the in-laws could touch her. She's worth her weight in gold. She still loves her to this day," @do_the_thing shared. 

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Although not everyone had the same experience with their cats. "My cats didn’t know my baby was there for like three whole months," @hollynielson joked. "Mine hissed at our daughter when he met her. Now he’s everywhere she is," @skylaryanito shared. However, commenter @sweet_strawberriesxx made a really good point: "It’s normal to expect ANY reaction. You’re bringing a new being into their home as well."

Here's hoping that these two become the best of friends.

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