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Cat's Curious Reaction to Meeting Newborn Baby Boy Is Beyond Precious

There's almost zero videos of cats that aren't absolutely adorable. But some of the cutest ones involve cats experiencing something new for the first time. Including one amazing video of a Tortoiseshell cat, who was so sweetly confused by her new human brother. We can practically hear her wondering why the human boy was so small. 

The curious cat was definitely having a moment when her owner presented her newborn brother to her. The footage was shared on a woman named Leandra J's (@leandra.janai) TikTok page and boy oh boy, are we thankful that it was. "The cutest reaction to our baby meeting his new best friend," the text overlay reads. Just look at how the cat cautiously sniffs her brother, but it was the baby's reaction at the end that's really stolen our hearts. 

"Cue my postpartum hormones," Leandra joked in the caption. 

With almost 900,000 views, people were absolutely melting. "CAT: 'Well it smells like milk so it can't be all bad!'" @user4212004291510 joked in the comments section. "How dare you??? I'm over here, 33 weeks pregnant, minding my own business scrolling TT with my cat and now you made me cry," @triplelll784 kidded. "The cats whiskers probably tickled that little face," @riafangbangerrr pointed out. "That sweet smile omg so precious," @sunflowerlover1985 agreed.

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We just know that this is the start of a beautiful friendship. 

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