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Video of Cat Patiently Waiting to 'Meow at the Washing Machine' Has People Obsessed

We're amazed at how the littlest things can make our pets elated. From a simple dollop of whipped cream to snuggling up on your bed with you, it really doesn't take much for them to be happy. Even the simple sound of a washing machine can make all the difference for our four-legged besties. Lol yes, a washing machine! 

TikTok user recently shared a clip of her cat Rosie who is obsessed with the sound the washing machine makes when it's done. The sweet little song that plays as a signal it's done has Rosie captivated. And her sweet reaction already brought in over 2.1 million views in one day! Wait until you hear Rosie's meow at the end. 

Aww! She was absolutely loving the sound coming from the washing machine. Although, we aren't entirely sure why because that sound could get pretty annoying lol! But if Rosie was there during every wash, we wouldn't get so annoyed, and she loves it for whatever reason.

We can't stop laughing at the caption in the video. It reads, "She will sit next to the washing machine for a full cycle just to be able to meow at it when it sings the song of her people." LMAO. The song of her people?! 😂 That's hilarious! "All rise for the National Anthem," wrote @Chantel. 

"She's like, 'Moooomm it’s done!’" commented @lil!. She's just making sure mom gets all the chores done on time. "That's it, I'm getting a freaking cat," added @La Tos. And @Tianna Vandervoort-T said, "If this ain't a commercial I stg." The creator responded by saying, "It feels like it is at this point 😂 . Should really have tagged LG in the beginning 😂🙈." Seriously! LG can use this for their next Super Bowl commercial, and we just know it would be one of the top ones of the year.