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Cat Who Mimics People’s Coughs Is a Regular Little Comedian

Remember when you were little and you would play the copycat game? You know, the one where you would repeat or do everything another person would do? You thought it was hilarious and could go on for hours. The other person though was not so much of a fan, which only kept you going for longer. You might’ve found it funny getting under their skin, but trust us, it wasn’t. The only funny one who can pull off this game is the cat comedian that TikTok user @jacksongalaxy recently shared.

The caption in his post recent TikTok reads, “Helen’s cat is funny!” The person in the video was sitting down with a cat on their lap. Looks comfy for the cat, that is, except the person was coughing. Maybe the cough was getting annoying and that’s why the cat decided to take a crack at the copycat game. LOL! Apparently, this cat thinks he’s got jokes! 

HA! He did it after every single cough! Even though we'd be super frustrated with a cat mimicking us, we can't help but laugh. This is comedic gold! And way better than any kid copying our every move. The cat's mimic was so quiet though, which leads us to believe it was more of a way to tell the person coughing to hush up!

“Love the attitude 😂,” wrote @Elin. There was more than just attitude in those meows. We think a better word is what the creator said - cattitude! “Is it mimicking or complaining....😳❤️,” asked @Beth Grigg851. LOL! Maybe a little of both?! Mimicking the cough to show how annoying it was and complaining because he was trying to sleep? Lol, that’s our guess! 

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And if the cat was annoyed about the cough, at least his mimic made us laugh!

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