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Cat's Sad Reaction to Hearing Mom on the Home Camera Makes Us Want to Sob

As pet owners, we know that leaving our fur babies for more than a few hours is a challenging task. We just want to stay home all day and cuddle with our pets, and we know they miss us when we leave too. This cat is no exception.

TikTok user @marylp20 posted a video of her cat, Gus, taken from her home camera. Gus's momma had been away from home for a few days, and when she spoke to Gus through the camera, this little kitty had such a heartbreaking reaction! Watch the video of this interaction if you want to feel all the emotions.

Well now we're crying! The way Gus perked up when he heard his mom's voice was just tugging at our heartstrings, and when he settled down in front of the camera to be closer to his momma's voice we couldn't help but shed a few tears!

Many people in the comments of the video are heartbroken over this cat's reaction to hearing his momma's voice through the camera, and several people demanded she never leave Gus again! @carlaserrano70 said, "I want an apology video with tears for leaving him," and @xgayb commented, "Do not EVER leave without him again." After seeing Gus's reaction, momma would be foolish not to take him with her on her next trip!

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Others in the comments pointed out specific parts of the video that made them emotional. @user49144029_ said, "The slow blink when he walks towards the camera, I cannot," and @val_time commented, "OOOOH my gosh!! That baby truly loves you! I can't get over the way he laid down next to the speaker to hear your voice." It's so sweet how much Gus loves his momma!

We know Gus got a lot of love from his mom when she got home from her trip. There is no greater bond than a pet and their owner!

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