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Video of Cat Mocking Owner's Cough Is Just Too Funny

We've all heard and seen before just how contagious yawns are. And you know exactly how that goes. One person yawns, which leads to the person next to them yawning, and so on and so on. It's unstoppable. We've found something similar, although this time it isn't a yawn and it isn't from humans. It surprisingly comes from a cat. 

TikTok user @felicianharrell was sick with COVID, but luckily, her cat was sitting right next to her, keeping her company. Her cat even stayed by her side when she couldn't stop coughing. Now that's love! In an attempt to make her mom feel better, this cat decided to join her. And just as yawns can spread between people, this cough was spread from the mom to the cat. (Just a fake cough, the cat doesn't have COVID!) You'll be LOLing at the cat's imitation of her sick mom!

Aww, this kitty is so sweet, but also hilarious! She looked back at her mom with eyes that seemed to be saying she knew her pain. You could tell just how bad she felt for her sick momma! "I love. She is being supportive," wrote @Kristin G. We can't help but LOL also because the cat was definitely making fun of her mom! 

"SHE WANTS TO BE INCLUDED!😂😂," commented @valerietortorici05. Aww, she really does want to be included! It's just part of the cat's nature to never leave a loved one behind. She wanted to comfort her momma! Or maybe this cat was doing what @heathermckey09 said. The comment reads, "Your cat 🐈 is mocking you ! So cute 😅." LOL! Even if she's mocking her mom, it's still adorable! 

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Believe it or not, several TikTokers were saying their cat does this too. @Jennifer R. said, "My cat just looks at me like, 'Oh no, my food source is dying!' when I cough really bad 😹😹." LOL! That could be what this cat was thinking. More concerned about making sure the catnip will still be coming! At least she never left her mom's side. A pet truly knows how to make you feel better! 

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