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Cat's Unfortunate Reaction to Mom Cutting Onions Is All Too Relatable

Most of the time, it's positively adorable when an animal discovers something new. Even if they're not the biggest fan of their new find, who doesn't love seeing a funny reaction?

In this video from TikTok user and cat mom @333chrissy, though, little tabby cat Gigi got into a situation that will have anyone sympathizing: she got a little too close while her mom was cutting onions. As you'll see in the video, she reacts exactly the same as any person would, and now all of TikTok is feeling for her. We know she's fine, but the poor girl must've been so confused! 

Oh my goodness! Poor Gigi must've gotten the worst of the onion fumes from her position on top of the fridge. She shed "a full human tear," as commenter @gamurgurl69 called it! Gigi's mom said, "i couldn't believe i got it on camera i felt so bad for her LOL." 

That's pretty much the combination of feelings everyone is having! As much as we sympathize with Gigi (because who hasn't been there?), we'd be lying if we said it wasn't a tiny bit funny to see. Probably because her gigantic tear looks so unreal!

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Just like @minetasucksdix commented, "I’ve never seen a cat cry a full tear💀." Right?! It's wild to see, but honestly, it's even wilder that, like many cats, Gigi made herself comfy in the path of the onion fumes "and then [just stayed] there 😭😭." @hornyybitchh_ thought it was funny enough to comment on, and so did we!

What's more sad than funny, though, is that "she has no idea it’s the onions 😭😭😭 (via @britneygracekelly)." Luckily, her mama washed her hands and took Gigi out of the kitchen so the clueless kitty could start feeling better! 

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