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Video of Cat Enjoying Her Morning Stretches Couldn't Be Any Cuter

On the 'top 10 cutest things our pets can possibly do' list, stretching is pretty high up there. From the crazy ways they contort their bodies to the sounds that occasionally squeak out--what's not to love? There's a reason why so many animal stretching videos go viral, after all.

Cat mom and TikTok user @biancafortney knows exactly what we're talking about. Her calico cat, Lucy, is getting lots of social media attention after showing off her morning stretch routine, and it's easy to see why!

Oh, what a big stretch! We're not sure what we love more: Lucy's paws straight up in the air, or her little leg shake as her dad picks her up. It's just precious all around!

"Oh you can tell that was a really good one!" said commenter @karenthompsom0630. It really was! If this isn't a great reminder to stretch in the mornings, we don't know what is. @Forcedtobehere420 wrote, "I do the same but my calf cramps up 🥴," and we can totally, completely relate. Time to hydrate and practice smaller stretches! 

All in all, "the little leg shake 😭😭😭" was the crowd favorite among viewers like @elllieanie--and us! Lucy knows how to take advantage of her morning stretches, and it's inspired us to do the same. 

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