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Hilarious Video of Cat Confronting 'Neighborhood Bully' Cracks Us Up

It's so unfortunate, but the sad reality is that there are bullies out there in the world. And not just kid bullies. Turns out, there are animal bullies too. Maybe this clip from TikTok user @alyssamadisonn will teach both kids and animals to stand up to those bullies. 

This TikToker's orange cat named Max was inside when the neighborhood bully came around. The two cats saw each other through the glass door and well, like a true bully, the neighborhood cat wanted to start a fight. No wonder this clip has over 2.5 million views, it's cracking us up!

O.M.G. Now we know why this TikToker called that cat the neighborhood bully. Poor Max was just trying to enjoy his day and this cat came up trying to start something. But we're very proud of him for stepping up for himself. Or rather, he was just confused about why the other cat was picking a fight. LOL! 

"Max is like, 'You're not even CLOSE to my weight class bro,'" commented @crispycoldcelery. Ha! Max definitely looks like the bigger of the two cats. We'd bet on him to be the heavyweight champion! 

@fabnsab wrote, "Your cat could truly just walk away but he lowkey likes the drama." True!! Max wanted to stay there and stir the pot. He wanted to make sure the neighborhood cat knew he was winning. Or as @curtisjacob1 said, "Max is like, 'Babe I’m warm, well fed and late for a nap.'” LOL! That's right, you tell him Max! 


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