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Cat's Annoyed Reaction to Having a New Baby in the House Is Perfect

Becoming a big sibling can be overwhelming to say the least--even if you're a cat! New mom and TikTok user @novels_and_coffee got to witness this firsthand as her tabby cat adjusted to life with a new roommate, and it's honestly hilarious. The cat's reaction has already gotten over 140 thousand views!

We definitely feel for this fur baby. Living with the frequent noise and commotion of a newborn we didn't even make would put us in a mood sometimes, too!

LOL! As relatable as this cat's reaction is, we'd be lying if we said we weren't totally amused by it. We aren't surprised that @novels_and_coffee's followers are, too! 

"And she thought the high chair, crib and rocker were all for her," joked commenter @kellienash666. We're sure she did! To be fair, infant things are all relatively cat-sized, so her logic isn't flawed. Besides, she and her new sibling can always learn to share! Or not. After all, she is a feline, and they aren't exactly pack animals. 

"She has standards. Of course," @carlaspfdlaw wrote. Well, duh! It would be weird if she didn't love all the fancy baby stuff. She seems like a confident, pampered girl who knows what she deserves. Commenter @hoarsecrock suggested, "go tell her you’re sorry and give her MANY apology kisses." Maybe then she'll give you the time of day!

@Novels_and_coffee replied to @breeannemc: "She’s actually been really good! She just does stuff like this sometimes and I’m like “is she really mad at us because she isn’t the sole focus of our existence anymore???” Ha! We're glad this cold shoulder isn't a permanent thing, but we get it--moods happen!

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