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Cats' Hilarious 'Responses' to Elaborate New Cat Playground Are Just Perfect

Some cat owners love to construct elaborate contraptions for their cat's entertainment. Some people will assemble massive cat towers, and other's will build cat playgrounds into the walls and ceiling of their home. One woman did this as a nice surprise for her cats, and their reaction is quintessentially cat.

TikTok content creator and cat mom @dontstopmeowing recently shared a video showcasing the elaborate cat playground she spent weeks building for her three cats. In the video, she pans over the set up that covers more than an entire wall of the room before showing her cats' reactions to their gift. Check out the video to see what they thought of this new playground in their house.

OMG this is too funny! One cat, Skye, is laying in the background under her new kitty tent, but another cat, Chase, could not care less about this cat playground! Instead, he is snoozing in the box these toys came in while using the bubble wrap as bedding, and honestly, this is the most classic cat move. We can't help but laugh!

People in the comments thought this was hilarious and Chase's nap was justified. @moomlees said, "He's exhausted from all the building you did, duh!" and @nl3552 commented, "He got tired during the construction." Yes, we're sure watching Mom do all that work must have taken a lot out of him!

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Others thought their disinterest was only temporary. @greenphoenix33 commented, "It won't be a waste. 4.5 years down the road, a Tuesday will come where they will play on it for 25 minutes. It is then that it will be worth it." Another user, @lotteryguyalex said, "You already know when the night time comes they are going to be wild on that wall." Typical cat behavior to only show interest in something when it becomes inconvenient for everyone else!

However long it takes, we will be eagerly awaiting the video of the kitties playing on their playground. Once they get around to checking it out, we're sure they'll love it!!

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