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Woman's Warning for Guests About Her Cat's Odd Behavior Makes Us LOL

Does your pet have some absolutely crazy habits? Do you ever feel like you need to give people a disclaimer when they meet your pets so they're not shocked by anything your pet does in the future? This one woman can relate.

In the video posted to TikTok by @kenzizzle_jean, she reveals her cat, Gracie, had such crazy behavior, she felt the need to warn her guests with a written note. You'll never guess what this cat get's up to at night!

OMG! Imagine waking up to a cat licking your eyes. That is sure to be a shocker in the middle of the night. How could we even stay mad at this kitty, though? She's too cute. But that clip of Gracie licking her chops does feel a little bit like a threat given what we've just learned about her...

While it may initially be jarring for guests to read this sticky note, @sentientlawnclippings made an excellent point in her comment: "Okay but at least you gave them very specific expectations." True, can't say you didn't warn them!

Some people in the comments thought this was so strange they wanted to experience it for themselves. @manicmondaymaya said, "The way I'd be disappointed if she didn't..." and @zazamazasupp commented, "If I saw this, I'd be impatiently waiting for 2am LOL." Honestly, we can't blame them. While it may seem a bit freaky, it would pretty funny and make for a great story.

Next time you stay over someone else's house and they have pets, make sure to check for pet-related sticky note disclaimers!