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Cat Breaks Loose From Carrier Mid-Flight and Absolute Hilarity Ensues

Flying can sometimes be a nightmare. Long check-in or security lines, a crying baby right behind your seat, or lost luggage when you finally land is a real buzz kill. You always have to be in the right mindset before you depart because of the slight chance something might go wrong. Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones where flying is a breeze where you can sit back and relax in first class. And if you’re not in first class, maybe you are just lucky enough to have a pleasant surprise waiting for you on your flight. 

One Delta flight was mid-ascension when passengers noticed something out of the ordinary. TikTok user @ashmccormickk captured this hilarious moment that now has over 2.3 million views. Passengers were just taking off on their flight, following the normal procedures when they looked up and saw one individual was not following the rules for take-off. Turns out that individual was a cat! LOL! This poor kitty must've escaped its carry-on and wanted to explore the cabin. Cat's really outta the bag on this one! 

O.M.G. That must've been the best flight ever for these people! The cat was standing on top of the seats, looking around. So cute! Why doesn't cool things like this ever happen on our flights?! We have to agree with what @TraveLoya Blog said, “Why do I only get crying babies on my flights 😅.” HA! Retweet! We’d do anything to have a cat hanging around during one of our flights.

“He’s like, ‘Yeah my litter box is NOT over here,’😂,” wrote @Lozzroyyy. He was looking around like it was misplaced, ha! “The cat is like, ‘I don’t mean to scare you people but we are way off the ground!,’” added @justinmfishbein. Or what is most likely what is running through this cat’s mind is what @rachbaness said. She commented, “First class kitty looking at coach like, ‘Oh so this is what poor looks like.’” LOL! This kitty was clearly not impressed. Only first-class from now on for this one. 

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For those who were worried about the cat, the creator wrote in the comments, “Owner got up and grabbed him easily once we were allowed up!” See, all safe! Both the cat and the passengers definitely got a nice treat to make the flight a little more bearable. 

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