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Woman Gets Locked Out of Her Apartment and Asks the Cat for Help in Viral Video

We’ve all been there before, getting locked out of your apartment or house. You have a slight panic when you realize you forgot your keys. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you have a secret hiding spot for a spare set, but not all of us have that luxury. The other option, again if you’re lucky, is that someone else is home to open the door for you. So what happens if neither option is available? There’s a slight chance you could turn to your pets. 

When TikTok user @baileyrubal locked herself out, she went to an unexpected source to try and get help since nobody else was home. Watch what happens when she enlists her roommate’s cat to try and let her inside. Yes, we said the cat

OMG! Can you believe the kitty actually pulled it off?! How on earth did the cat manage this feat? That’s one of the most impressive things we’ve ever seen. 

People are commenting on this clip saying this smart cat needs to get on television ASAP! @madison said, “Bro get this cat on America’s got talent right now.” YES! We see the act now - multiple doors lined up and the cat opening them and going through each, one by one. Or maybe he can get his chance on a game show. The official TikTok of @Game Show Network wrote, “Miss, this cat is smart enough to be on a game show.” That better be an invitation! 

And other TikTok users are saying how they just had a feeling it would be a black cat. “I knew it had to be a black cat. Perfect combo of smart & mischievous!” commented @Will. LOL! Definitely don’t show this clip to your cats. They might get the wrong idea. And we’d be careful if we were her. Now that he knows how to open the door, he might start letting his friends in for a cat purr-tay!