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Cat Orders His Own 'Cat Cup' at Starbucks Like a True Regular in Precious Video

Oh, to be a regular at a store! That's a dream of ours! Just imagine how nice it would be to walk into a coffee shop with the employees greeting you by your first name. They start making your drink without you even having to ask. They just know how you like your coffee, and they get it right every time. So how come this cat gets to be a regular at Starbucks and not us?! Something isn't adding up here! 

TikTok user @kolachethecat was sitting in the car with his dad at the Starbucks drive-thru. His dad starts his order when Kolache rudely interrupts. He apparently just really needed his morning coffee! Kolache was perched upon the window ready to give his order. And the employee's reaction is just purrfect!  

OMG! Did that employee just greet him by his first name?! That's VIP status. Maybe if we start wearing a name tag at our coffee shop they'll remember us 😂. But honestly, we should have known Kolache was a regular because did you see him rocking that cool sweater?! He must have celebrity status in the neighborhood. 

We can't get over how he interrupted his dad and made sure his order was getting heard. LOL! "😂 Non-fat, no whipped, splen—“ ✨MEOWEW✨," commented @Misstoasted. Can't a man finish his sentence?! @djmelusina1 said, "Kitty interrupts: ANYHOO! I’ll have a pup cup. Extra pup cause I’m extra! 😂." And @the1Blade20 added, "He said you taking too long to order 😂." Next time, let Kolache go first because his order is short, sweet and to the point! Plus, it's his world and we're just living in it. 

@Sirena Spina wrote, "That look at the end said, 'Ya I got it like that'😏😂. Ha! He was totally enjoying his "cat-cup" and looking at his owner with the mentality like he is better. We've got to hand it to him, he did get his order nailed down perfectly with no mistakes!