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Unlikely Friendship Between Cat and Parrot Is So Special

If you told us that cats and parrots can live in the same house and actually be friendly towards one another we probably wouldn't have believed you. 

That is until we saw this adorably amazing video that TikTok user @Friendsfurrever posted. You won't believe how preciously bonded this beautiful pair is together! It's just amazing. Watch the following video and see how these two actually snuggle together.

Awwww! How incredibly sweet they are! @Twitchforbeginners posts, "Love is love. I could learn a thing from these two." @Fergusenandthefunnyfarm comments, "Just a cat & his so sweet!" @Jennifer says, "A very sweet, and unlikely pair. :) Very well behaved cat." 

It goes without saying, you should never leave your bird unattended with your cat, no matter how well-behaved and affectionate your cat is towards your bird. Cats are, after all, prey hunters and you never know when that totally natural instinct may kick in. We do love to see how this adorable pair gets along and we hope that never changes!

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