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Cat at Optometrist's Office Does The Sweetest Thing to Comfort Nervous Kids

Getting glasses can be downright scary. Especially if you're a kid. Wouldn't it be nice to see a friendly face when you get to the doctor's office? Enter Truffles, an adorable cat who makes it her mission to make every child who needs a pair of glasses feel okay. And the way she does this is cracking people up online. 

According to the TODAY, Truffles often goes to work with her owner at A Child’s Eyes in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The cat was always smart — it was easy for owner Danielle Crull, 50, to train Truffles to sit or high five — but when Crull put glasses on Truffles something amazing happened. “It’s just like magic,” Crull told TODAY. “As soon as the kids see her, they’re like, ‘OK, glasses are amazing.’” So it's no surprise that a video of Truffles on the job has gone viral online. "[She] wears these little glasses to put kids at ease during their appointments," the video, that was re-published on @fearsupply, states. 

People in the comments section were in-love with Truffles and her totally cool glasses. "Not to be dramatic, but I would die for Truffles," @harleylou02 wrote. "Could you imagine going to the optometrist and seeing a cat with glasses?" @meghandallas82 wondered. "This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen," @chassbruh gushed. "This is a cat that knows it has a good job and does a good job," @killerkungfuwolfbword joked. 

If you're not convinced of Truffles incredible skills, then check out another video on @truffles_the_kitty of her both putting on and taking off her specs. 

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She's just so talented! 

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