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Cat's Curious Reaction to a Bottle of 'Perrier' Is 'Not Surprisingly' Going Viral

TikTok user @baltazarlaurie captured the most hilarious moment of her cat and we seriously can't get enough. No wonder this clip has over 2.3 million views in the first two days. It's internet gold! 

The cat was standing on its hind legs, examining the bottle of Perrier when all of a sudden something happened inside the bottle. The cat couldn't believe his eyes. His reaction is absolutely priceless. Check it out! 

LMAO! This video is seriously so funny. The cat was so confused, yet amazed, at a tiny little bubble. @crystalboyer4 wrote what the cat was thinking, "What sorcery is this?! 😳." Ha! You can just see in the cat's eyes that he really thought some magic happened.

"The bubble just blew kitty's mind away 😂," wrote @teneocity96. Totally! Another TikTok user, @Sweetkiss65, added, "He's like, 'Did I just do that??' Beautiful cat!" And we totally get why he might've thought that. The bubble went up as soon as his paw went toward the bottle. Yes, Kitty, you are a sorcerer indeed! LOL! 

@oysterace7 said, "Now it's your job to replicate that experience over and over and over again and again. Can't leave him hanging on one bubble." Exactly! We can't leave him hanging and think he's a sorcerer. He needs to make bubbles more often. One TikToker even suggested getting a lava lamp and we think that's an absolutely brilliant idea. We can't wait to see his reaction to that! 


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