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Video of Cat Joining in on a Ping Pong Match Is Totally Classic

Do you love playing with your cat? Normally, that means playing with a toy mouse or maybe even a plushie. But we don't think we've ever seen anything like how one cat plays. Video from his owner is too funny and shows the cat, Iroh, joining in in his owner's ping pong game. And now people online can't get enough.

Iroh is always up to something on his TikTok page, whether that be hiding from his humans under the couch or fussing about in his owner's drawers. So it's no surprise that when his human started playing a game of ping pong, he wanted in. It would be one thing if the cat stood on one side of table to help, but nope. He planted himself right in the center. So we guess you could say he was helping in his own unique way... 

"Who’s point is that?" his owner joked in the caption. 

Almost 800,000 people have watched Iroh interjecting himself into the match — and they absolutely loved it. "This should be accepted as table tennis standard in every competition, even in Olympics," @maniacpuma joked. "When the cat wants to have fun with the family too," @cameronbardownski added. "Guys I just had an amazing idea for a sport," @gonkadgonkad joked. "I have both of these things why haven’t I done this yet," @s4ntit0s wondered. 

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Although one person answered the TikToker's question quite literally. "It’s the dude with the red paddle’s point because the other guy hit the ball and it didn’t hit the table," he teased. 

Okay, this commenter is maybe taking the game too seriously. Although we totally agree that cats should become a normal part of ping ping. They make the games so much cuter!

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