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Cat Hilariously Demonstrates Why Plastic Straws Are Banned

The majority of us can agree that plastic straws are bad for the environment. During a five year clean up project, over 7.5 million plastic straws were found on US shorelines. No one likes to think about straws breaking down into micro plastics and hurting marine life like sea turtles, fish and gulls. That's terrible! 

Another reason why it's good that plastic straws are being banned and phased out is illustrated by TikTok user @Nellie_Willow featuring her hilarious cat Nellie. This cat has a definite issue with straws. 

LOL! @Nana comments, "She’s saving the turtles!" Good for you, Nellie. Doing your part for sea life everywhere! @E_cup_Mafia says, "Environmental Queen, purrr!" @MollyNmimosas posts, "She said “We care about the ocean in this house” Awwww. 

If you are like Nellie and are looking for plastic straw alternatives, there's a helpful list here. Because some of us are still a bit, um, clumsy with sip lids. As the front of our shirts prove. And paper straws just turn into mush in our beverages. Here's to finding better alternatives and saving some sea life in the process! 

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