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Video of Cat Happily Playing in the Sprinkler Is Giving Us Life

We've seen plenty of dogs get their fun in the sun this summer through kiddy pools, ocean vacations and even sprinklers. But what about all the cats who want to enjoy the sunshine? They want to play too! Ok, so maybe not all of them want to be outside playing in the pool. That's because cats usually hate water. They'd rather be inside, climbing to new heights and declaring the house as their kingdom. LOL! But of course, there are always a few exceptions. 

And one of those exceptions is TikTok user @therealdominique's white cat. In her recent video which has brought in nearly 4 million views, the cat is seen playing in the sprinkler. Yes, a cat playing around in the water just like a little kid! Even the owner is confused. The caption reads, "What kind of cat is this?" But the cat is LOVING it! You'll just have to watch it to believe it! 

LMAO! He really was running around chasing where the water went! You can just tell he's done this a time or two. We also have to address how the cat's dad was wearing a cat t-shirt. Ha! True cat dad! 

We can't get over how cute this video is. Mostly because we've never seen a cat play in water like this. @beetlejuice1690 said, "That is a very rare puppy kitty." It is indeed! It's like seeing a wild animal in its natural habitat. Rare!

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TikTok users are coming to the cat's defense because the owners took him out of the water. Sounds like typical parents trying to get their kids out of the pool to go home! "FUN SUCKER!!!!!! 😂😂😂," commented @user7918844618992. How could they do that?! @Ace Veitch added, "I think you've thrown off the Emperor's groove." LOL! But if you're a furry friend parent, you know the water can cause major matting so that's why these cat parents took him out after about 20 minutes of playing. Otherwise, they'd let him play all day long! 

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