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Video of Cat Politely Asking Dad for a Cuddle Is Giving People All the Feels

Cats are not normally known to be the cuddling type. They tend to be independent pets who stroll to the beat of their own drum, enjoying the day alone. They usually show less love or affection than dogs, but of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. Take for instance, this Persian Cat who politely asks to be held. A total cuddle bug and so stinking cute! 

TikTok user @teddieandcasper shared a clip of Teddie the cat that has reached over 584.4K likes in the past day. Teddie is on the patio table, slowing inching toward his dad who is sitting next to the table. As Teddie moves, he is purring ever so softly. It's his way of asking nicely for a big hug and cuddle session. "Please sir, pick me up. I need some love!" We will pick you up anytime you want Teddie! 

Our hearts are melting! Have you ever seen such a cuddly cat? But why didn't dad pick him up sooner?! We don't think Teddie would have asked so nicely if he had to wait any longer. "How can you not pick up that grumpy face kitty immediately for a cuddle," asked @✌💜🐇.

"And people say cats aren't affectionate," wrote @🏴 Shad 🏴. "Cat says, * don't leave me, I love you * 😍," added @Hannibani. We don't think he's going to be leaving Teddie ever. That is pure love! We also can't imagine a better day in this video. The sun is shining and spring has finally sprung. Perfect cuddle weather! "Just a couple pals enjoying the sunshine!!!" said @Luke.

Don't count cats out as cuddling creatures. Their affection may be different but as @justforfun500000 wrote, "Unconditional love comes in many forms and paws 🐾 🧡🐾.."