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Cat With Extra Toes on Each Paw Has the Internet Stunned

If we had to say our favorite thing about cats, it would definitely be their toe beans. Admit it, we aren't the only ones! They're just so cute. Now imagine if your cat had MORE toe beans? Wouldn't that be so cool? Apparently it's totally a thing, as a video on TikTok explains.

According to Dr. Rachel ( from Dallas, Texas, the condition is unique, but still fascinating to see. "We had a very special cat come in for a neuter the other day," she can be heard saying over the footage. "This young cat is polydactyl, which means he has extra toes." Except for his front left leg, all of his feet have six toes — six! Take a look at all those extra beans.

"The front right foot only has extra phalanges, or the tip of the toe," she explained. "Both of his back feet have extra metatarsal in addition to phalanges," she added. 

With over 2 million views, people online clearly wanted more. "I’ve got a polydactyl! He’s got 27 toes total," @trisaratops42 shared in the comments section. "Imagine that’s your cat and you gotta clip all those nails. I couldn’t," @jamaal4horsefishchicken teased. "My cat is polydactyl and has seven toes on both his front feet and six on both his back," @wildflower436 wrote. "Me: omg a pterodactyl cat! Video: we had a polydactyl cat come in today! Me:…close enough!" @whitney_nicole11 joked. 

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So many beans! We love it. Here's to all those extra-special kitties out there who are walking around with these unique paws.

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