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Cat's Puzzled Reaction to Seeing His Own Reflection Is Taking the Internet by Storm

We wish we could remember our reaction the first time we saw ourselves in the mirror. We can assume that it was very confusing, especially since we had no idea what we looked like. And I bet your reaction was the same! You may have had an image in your head, but what you saw in the mirror was completely different. Something tells us that this is exactly what happened to a cat named Buster. 

TikTok user @jacksongalaxy shared a video of his cat Buster seeing his reflection for the first time. The video already has over 2 million views during its first 24 hours of being posted. Buster slowly pulls his head up to the mirror. His eyes are laser-focused as he is trying to figure out who the cat is. You can see the wheels turning as he's evaluating the mirror. Check it out!   

Ugh, so adorable!! And we lost it at Buster's little head tilt! "The innocence is so cute! I adore this," commented @Chelsea. He was probably in amazement at how beautiful he is, just like some TikTok users are saying. @Kristea wrote, "Buster is so handsome!😍😍." @Mostie The Cat added, "I look quite pretty," which we believe is what Buster is thinking! Buster could also be thinking what @MargemallowPattern said, "Who is that beautiful cat staring back at me?"

Or he is in complete shock he is even a cat! Ha! "Buster is in disbelief he reincarnated as a cat!" wrote @Charlene Lizette. From how surprised he looks, we wouldn't be surprised if he thought he was a human this whole time😂. At least he knows now right?! @Natasha Rojas suggested, "He's becoming self-aware." Better late than never! 

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Our favorite comments have us dying laughing at their comparison to Dobby from Harry Potter. Ha! @AD said, "Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf!" Buster is taking that self-awareness and turning it into freedom. Truly, inspiring Buster.

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