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Cat Waltzes Into Pet Friendly Hotel Like He Owns the Joint and We're Here For It

In the last several years, treating a pet like a child or a sibling is becoming a more and more common practice. As a result, many businesses and travel destinations are changing their rules. Pet-friendly is the new normal!

Luckily for one stray cat, though, these new rules apply to him, too-- just check out @angelapaul4668's now-viral TikTok video. The short clip shows an adorable black-and-white cat as he saunters into a La Quinta hotel, and we are just living for how it all turned out! (Hint: you'll want to watch the whole video and check out some of the comments to get the whole story.)

If you ask us, it looks like this cat has been here before! If he doesn't have a reservation he must be a frequent visitor. Or perhaps Angela got super lucky to meet such a sweet, friendly cat!

"He will be coming home with me when I get off 🥰," she updated viewers in the comments section. "I will be actively trying to adopt him out." Aww! We really, really hope everything works out for these two new besties. If not, he's always got somewhere to stay! Like @sippgray commented, "he walkin in like he got a room." Perhaps he did! If Angela was filming, could she have been expecting him?

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"What a distinguished gentleman already in his tux ready to rent a room for the night😏," @ellostone said. "Players got the ladies coming by later." LOL! If he was the first of several cats to casually walk into a hotel, we can't help but think @angelapaul4668 would've posted more. But who doesn't love the idea of a kitty party? We'd happily host one of those, and we don't even work at a hotel!

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