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Cat's Reaction to Seeing a Balloon for the First Time Is Quickly Going Viral

It's not everyday that you get to truly stump your animal. But when it happens it can be sort of hilarious. Take a look at one cat on TikTok, who was truly perplexed by something his owner brought home one day. We guess this little guy had never seen a balloon before — and he definitely wasn't sure what to make of it. 

The footage was shared on the @one_eared_uno TikTok page and boy oh boy was it funny. "My cat's never seen a balloon before, he's very worried about it," his owner can be heard saying over the footage. "You good buddy?" she asks her poor cat. At one point his mama even lowered the balloon so Uno could investigate, but he seems truly perplexed. Take a look at the poor kitty's reaction in the video below. 

"My cat saw a balloon for the first time," his owner wrote in the video's caption. 

People in the comment section were cracking up. "I found this way too funny, his face," @hellfire6665 wrote. "He turned into a vampire he was so confused," @little_drawing_squid teased. "My cat LOVES balloons. He’ll carry them around by the string all over the house," shared. 

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Although many people wrote in that their cats were also afraid of balloons. "One of my cats are terrified of ballon’s he hates them with all his heart," @panther._wcue wrote. "My mom surprised me with a big balloon bundle in my room for my birthday and I was holding my cat when I saw it. He peed on my hand with fear," @mirandapanda1314 shared. "My cats are scared of balloons," @lisqaczeq chimed in. 

So we guess we can check balloons off of the list of things cats like. Who knew?

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