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Cat's Reaction to Her 'Favorite Human' Coming Home Is the Best

College can be the most fun years of someone's life, but when you're away from your pet, nothing will ever be perfect. We're sure @its_me_sally_g's son would understand! The young man had been away from the family cat--whose name is Basboosa, which is Arabic for 'kitty'--for two months while he furthered his studies (and had tons of fun, let's be honest), and the two were inseparable when we came for a visit. 

His mom posted a precious video of Basboosa refusing to leave 'her boy' so he could get a haircut, and TikTok is obsessed. The love between the duo is undeniable!

How sweet are these two? We totally understand what it's like to be away from a beloved pet, so this really pulls at our heartstrings. By the looks of the comments, though, we aren't the only ones getting emotional over this!

"Aww she looks up at him like a southern mama saying I'm so proud of you," wrote @emiharm. That's so sweet and so true! We can feel the love between the two in the way they look at each other. We have a feeling she won't be moving anytime soon!

"She said no I don’t!," agreed @usero5mmyw90nq. She's lucky she's so cute if she's going to be so disobedient! Still, a haircut can wait if it means a few more minutes of love from a sweet fur baby like Basboosa. Viewer @billiejeanwolvert said it best: "that is definitely her boy." He sure is! 

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