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Cat's Over-the-Top Reaction to Getting a Bite of Cheese Has Us Laughing Out Loud

Few foods are as universally adored as cheese. Even some lactose intolerant folks will endure the consequences just to enjoy a few bites of their favorite cheesy foods. You can't convince us it isn't a popular snack!

Many pets love cheese, too, so there's no surprise it's become a common ingredient in treats and kibbles. Nothing beats the real thing, though, which is why we totally understand this cat's excited reaction. We feel the same way when we get a piece of cheese! 

The adorable clip came from @summert20's latest TikTok video, which quickly went viral. Honestly, we're shocked this hilarious orange cat doesn't have more views, but who can complain about a million views after just one day of posting?

LOL! This kitty's reaction is so genuine and over-the-top--we just can't get enough of him! Clearly, his followers can't either, because the comments section is buzzing with love for this feline foodie. 

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"I also react that way to cheese," wrote @xo_erica96. So do we! There's no doubt that this cat's relatability made his video take off, but that adorable little happy reaction doesn't hurt one bit. And did you see that little tail?!

Viewer @sj_666_666 sure did! "Love his nub tail🥰," they said. "I have 2 cats with nub tails 🙂." That's adorable! We think this unique feature only adds to this kitty's cuteness, but we're suckers for some toe beans ourselves.

There's one thing we can all agree on, though--and that's what @meghan.grantham suggested: "you need to get a compilation together of him doing this lol 😭." Yes! We can't decide whether that would be more cute or funny, but it would definitely be viral!

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