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Cat's Annoyed Reaction to Hearing Dad Cough Cracks Us Up

There are species stereotypes for animals of all shapes and sizes, but what comes to mind when you think about cats? Maybe it's their unstoppable curiosity or their affinity for pettiness, or perhaps you consider cats big ol' nap machines. Whatever the generalization may be, we have a feeling @amerdiab3's kitty fits the bill quite perfectly.

Lulu is one gorgeous white and orange cat, though we love her personality even more than her looks. She has quite a lot to say when her dad wakes her up with a cough!

LMAO, she's such a sassy girl! Not only does she make a total scene out of being woken up, but like commenter @marylynnw1 said, "I think she’s mocking you lol." What else could that sound be? @User7173264769232 thinks "she's coughing too, in sympathy," though we're not entirely sure how much sympathy we're picking up from her.

"[She] swore at you in 50 different cat languages," @surfsupfan added in. Now that sounds more like it! Miss Lulu did not seem thrilled to be woken up--not one bit. If anything, we're shocked she didn't have more to say about it!

"She told you off then paused then started again like 'and another thing....' lol," said @janiceskyesofblue. She has some big feelings about her dad's cough! Whether this feline girl is extra cranky and in need of sleep is yet to be determined--maybe that's just how she is. Either way, she has a lot of fans for her over-the-top reaction, and we totally see why! This diva is one spoiled, sleepy girl.

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