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Cat's Hilarious Reaction to Mom Clipping Its Nails Is the Content We're Here For

Ah, nail trimming-- one of pet parents' worst nightmares. There's no easy way to get a dog or cat settled, to begin with, but then actually cutting their nails? Talk about nerve-wracking! Even professionals can have a difficult time with an unruly pet, so we want to applaud Lina, who goes by @mixedwh0rechata on TikTok, for attempting to trim her cat's nails anyway. After all, it gave us this hilarious video! 

We don't think this clip needs much explanation or build-up--it's just that good. Ask the 20 million viewers who have seen it already! 

Oh. My. Gosh. What a sassy cat! Clearly, they were not happy about having their paws handled even though their mama was extremely gentle. So many pet parents can relate! Of course, not all dog and cat owners get a response quite like this...

"Not the slow head turn followed with a slap 😭😭," commented @cat__mom543. Right?! That kind of reaction needs zero explanation whether it comes from a human or an animal, but honestly, we're just in disbelief this feline had the nerve!

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Commenters are getting a major laugh out of @kaleacolleent's response, too. She said, "'i know DAMN well,'” and now everyone is reading it in their own mother's voice. Well, we suppose that's what happens when you tell someone to shut up! Especially a cat...

"He personally did not let that slide 😂😂," wrote @peppermint88. That's so true! This feline knows their worth and refuses to be talked down to, even in the name of a nail trim. @Myr.yum.ramirez thinks, "he was a mexican mom in his past life😂😂😂😂," and honestly, she's probably right! This cat isn't going to let anything slide, and that sass? It's next-level!

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