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Cat's Hilarious Reaction To Meeting a Lizard Has Us Laughing Out Loud

The old saying claims that curiosity killed the cat, but in reality, nosey kitties are the best kind. You never know just what they'll uncover or how they'll react, even when they're your own cat. TikToker Shannon Jones records all kinds of curious moments for her cat's one, in particular, has viewers captivated...and laughing out loud!

When we saw that Sushi's mom captioned the video "I don’t think she could survive in the wild," we knew we were in for something hilarious. What we didn't expect, though, was the way Sushi and the little lizard she found went about their introductions. It's equally cute and chaotic--we're obsessed!

Sushi's little chirps! The way she paws at the lizard! It's all so smile-inducing that our face practically aches from grinning so big. We just love her exploratory nature! 

Whether or not the little lizard loved it is up for debate, though. Still, the reptile didn't run away, even when Sushi was reaching out to offer a boop.  

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Commenters noticed this too. @Mainstream_arachnids got a laugh from "the way the lizard just sat there and took it 😂," while @depressscious wrote, "um that lizards either trying to mate or start a fight 😳." Our guess is as good as yours!

One thing is for sure, though--Sushi is no typical cat. Like many other viewers we assumed the kitty would hunt the lizard, but, just like @kai_and_co_37 said, "she was so gentle."

"She stepped on its toe and then BACKED UP 🥺," @reducereuseredacted pointed out. "What a sweet girl." She really is! In case you need any more proof, check out the second video!

Things are a lot clearer from this angle, aren't they? Commenter @mariah.studentteacher also noticed that the lizard "looks like he is trying to antagonize the cat," but, honestly, neither one of them are being particularly helpful.  Oh well--it made for a great video, nonetheless!

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