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Cat's Reactions to the Vacuum vs. the Hair Dryer Are Totally Priceless

It’s undeniable, cats have some pretty weird behavior. We mean, have you ever seen what they can do to a hair tie? But amongst all the kooky things cats are known to do, nothing is stranger than one cat’s reaction to her owner’s vacuum cleaner vs. their hair dryer. Cats. They surprise you every time.

Kiki the kitten is apparently very particular when it comes to household appliances. And nothing shows that better than a video shared on her owner’s TikTok page @kittykats_2021. The clip shows how Kiki reacts when she turns on the vacuum, and then what happens when she turns on the hair dryer. This is not what we were expecting!

In the battle of Kiki vs. the hair dryer, some of the over 845, 000 people who watched her video were on the hair dryer’s side. “The way she is slapping it like, ‘Don’t. ever. make. that. noise. again,’” @ilveda wrote. “Kitty cat, it's not even on,” @vio_vantas pointed out. “Cats are always ready to throw hands with anything they don't like,” @stephiedoll added. Another commenter made a pretty good point. “He probably stepped on the plug for the hair dryer, I know I get mad at it when I do that lol,” @erin_ann965 explained.

Perhaps it’s not the hair dryer’s fault. In another video on @kittykats_2021, Kiki can be seen going to town on a rug after her mom forgot to feed her. “No wonder my rug is slowly balding,” her owner joked in the caption.


All we know is that we never want to get on Kiki’s bad side.